Sanjay Dutt & # 39; s daughter Alia Bhatt!

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Sanjay Dutt & # 39; s daughter Alia Bhatt!

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Bollywood producer-director Mahesh Bhatt will break the long break. He will return 27 years ago with a remake of his film 'Sadak & # 39 ;. The name of the sequel is & # 39; Sadak-2 & # 39 ;.

This will be the Terracotta photo. Sanjay Dutt is one of the successful heroes in the Bollywood industry.

The power station in Bollywood is in the second episode of the first episode. Not only this, Bhatkanya Puja Bhat returns after 15 years through this photo to the big screen.

Pooja Bhatt stood in front of the last camera in & # 39; Everything & # 39; s Sense I Am Fine & # 39; directed by actor Rahul Bose. From that moment on he went from actress to producerbos.

But Alia Bhatt becomes the biggest attraction of this film. The youngest daughter of Mahesh Bhatt has already spread the roles of Bollywood. Mahesh Bhat wanted to keep Alia Bhatt in the film that directed Kambaak. She is going to fulfill her wish. Aliya agreed to work with Bhat Baba. Affirming the special source, confirmed the Bollywood Hungama news.

Apart from this, Aditya Roy Kapoor is also in the film. Sanjay Dutt and Alia Bhat, however, will play the leading part in this film. Alia will play the role of Sanjay Dutt's daughter.

The surprise here is not the end. Gossip Magazine also said that the visualization work of the film will begin this month. It is the first date for release on November 15, 2015.

Puja Bhat and Alia Bhat appear together on the screen for the first time. Pooja Bhatt played the role of prostitute in the film Sadak. Who was in love with Sanjay Dutt. Later they fought against the negative issues of society.

Recently, Mahesh Bhat told the Indian media that Sanjay was 32 in the first film. Now she is 54 We will try to coordinate in two periods. The new photo gets an emotional agreement with the old photo. But the current picture will be kept in mind this time. & # 39;

Now looking at the scene, Mahesh Bhatt, producer-director Sanjay Dutt with two daughters and Bollywood born superstar, can capture how much time this big screen has. Even if it is time to wait years to look like this.

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