See how mamy kamalaya ohm mind is filled! (Video)


& # 39; Tu Mein Mere & # 39; movie trailer was released in the melodrama of two Bengali's. In the main role of the film there are Soham, Mahia Mahi and Om. Triangon loves to dance in this movie, wars and fights. And anyone who could lose their lives because of this hostility could lose their lives. Two directors of the film Calcutta director Jaydeep Mukherjee and the director of Bangladesh, Anik Mamun. At the same time, the production of the film has contact with two Bengali's.

This film was made by the joint production of the production company & # 39; SK Movie & # 39; and & # 39; Action Cut Entertainment & # 39 ;. According to the scenario, Mahia Mahi is a model in the film. Name Priya On the contrary, there are no two in the film, three will be there. Sohel has played a rich businessman, Aditya Singhha Rai.

Soham has been shown as Priya's profit interest. On the other side, Om loves his beloved. At first Aditya seems to be a lover of love, but the story of the film will be forwarded to the person who wants Priya.


Another actor in the film is the Bengali actor Aman Reza. Although he was not shown in the movie trailer. Sohel and Mahi work this together. On the other hand, Mahi has worked with OM in the film "Fire to". The film may have been released on Eid.

Seeing the whole video will understand how the spirit of the kiss is filled with Om O …

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