Shakib Khan said about a relationship outside the screen with Bubbli

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Shakib Khan means Jamjamat cinema. He hit the film, he has already discovered many heroines. He also started his career by playing eight to ten heroine Shakib Khan. They are now well known The words of the Dhaka film, one hero Shakib Khan, were released by the words: he played in Abdulla & # 39; Azha, & # 39; Captain Khan & # 39; Shakib Khan said this during a private television Eid program on the occasion of the film.

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Shakib-Apu pair was a very popular pair of viewers. Since a few years your (Shakib Khan) pair is very popular with Bubli, do you want to see this pair at any height? Responding to the presentation of the presentation, Shakib Khan smiled and said: "When the photo is centered around a festival, producers and directors want to take a picture with good castings.

And some of the few photo's that were released from the start of my pair of Bubbli hit all the hits. So if I did not want to be on the picture, I worked together again at the request of many. But yes, Babli has been working in the film for three years. Like me, he will work outside. To my knowledge the work offer comes from the outside. But if there is a good project, we work together with a small gap. & # 39;

Shakib said: & # 39; I have worked with Bubli, I have made a great camestry with a bubble on the screen. & # 39; When asked about your relationship with Bubli, Shakib said: "A good friend and I. And look outside the screen, chemistry or screen camesti does not always have to talk for the camera.

Because our viewers are interested. So stay on the screen and stay away from the screen. "Note that Shakib Khan had said a few days ago:" Shakib Khan is my guru & # 39 ;.

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