Sixty-seven Madonna entertainment

Madonna, the famous pop artists of the United States, reached 60 years on August 16th. But he is still incredibly flamboyant in his own country. As always, it is attractive. Madonna thinks her age is "twenty-five times." Madonna has gotten wrong in the idea that female artists lose their appeal as they get older. He is still jealous of Teensers by application.

This pop moth spent 35 years in 60 years in the music world. She is the richest female musician in the United States. Her first album was released in 1983. So far, his albums have sold more than 30 million. This is why Madonna has named the Guinness Book of World Records. He is the best-selling album artist in music history.

Madonna did not follow or imitate anyone Madonna launched her own style in music or modeling. So what he did was be superhit. Many fans around the world have made The faces look the same as before. Hundreds of millions of fans are still struggling to watch Madonna's music video in fifty years. He was also present in the presence of fans and fans.

He was born on August 16, 1958 in the United States of Michigan. His full name is Madonna Louise Chikon. Apart from singing, there is a reputation as a fashion designer. He is also an expert actress, dancer, businessman and painter director. After graduating, the star received a scholarship from Dance of the University of Michigan. In the 1980s, when men singles dominated the world of music in the world, Madonna's performance was stimulated by women to create a career in the music world. Among his many popular songs, Papa Do not Pray, Like A Prayer, Vega, Secret, Ray or Light, Like A Virgin, Holi Day, American Life etc. Among his acting films, 'Saturn Sequrify & # 39 ;, Av Avita & # 39 ;, # The Next Best Thing & # 39; etc. Famous Madonna & # 39; s so-called dark images are still sold for thousands of dollars. Analysts in the music world have said that this appealing artist has called the youth. Life is more than what he has given to life. Hits almost all of his albums. This is the combination of fate. His films have also been hit. Because of the open clothes, however, he got a lot of criticism, although he never paid attention to it. -BBC, Daily Mail.
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