Suhana said the same about the arrival of Bollywood Kajal! Do not be surprised if you know!

Suhana came to Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan & # 39; s daughter Suhana Khan stepped into the glamor world with the cover of the August issue of the Indian version of the famous Vogue & # 39; magazine. The new identity of the girl was presented to everyone for Shah Rukh herself for the first time.

He expressed his pride as a father. Mother Gauri Khan was also excited. But the photo 's of the magazine came to light when Suhana had to make serious remarks in the trawl. In the end, Shah Rukh's old friend and actress Kajol opened his mouth in this context.

Khelle Starrer & # 39; Helicopter Ila & # 39; will be released on September 7th. He acts like a single mother in the film directed by Pradeep Sarkar.

In an interview with Anupama Chopra about this film, Kajal Shahrukh spoke about the daughter of Suhana Glamor world. He thinks that Suhana's Bollywood career as a star-daughter will not go smoothly.

He said, "It has just begun. Suhana will have to go through more ridicule." Suhana is the daughter of the famous father, and as a result they are all about catching the ground. "It would not have been if a famous person did not children, they all saw the mistakes.

Moreover, Kajal also said that star children are always judged on their parents' careers, which is very unreasonable. They are surprised that there is ambition with the famous stars. But when the children of ignorant parents walk around in the world of Bollywood, they get some sympathy from the audience.

Kajol said, "Shahrukh and Gauri will decide what to do with Suhana's career, although it is a difficult decision for Suhana's parents." But the decision to make a girl career in a world like B- Town is undoubtedly a daring step. "

Meanwhile, the rally is under way to allow Suhana to perform in the film. It has been heard, Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bansali and Sujoy Ghosh – these three famous Bollywood directors are interested in making films about Suhana. Suhana's mother, Gauri, will determine the scenario of her fate.

Salman Shah, or Omar Sunny, who is more popular? What did seasonal say!

Salman Shah, or Omar Sunny, who is more popular? What did seasonal say!

Popular filmmaker Mousumi does a family with hero Omar Sunny. Most media did not belong to the stars, but to the family of this happy couple of good fortune families.

However, Omar Sani, who claims to be the biggest resort in life, is also known as the biggest friend, but the popularity of Omr Sunny kept the hero Amar Salman Shah alive.

He said this during a recent Star Night & # 39; event. In the conversation with the popular presenter Maria Noor, recite, sing, sing, write herbal poetry.

Filmmaker Moushumi recently completed his 25 years of acting life. Mausumi was invited to the event to keep this special memorable memorable.

Various information emerges from the conversation. In Bollywood Mithun Chakraborty and Aamir Khan would play Hindi films at a certain time. Moushumi has also informed about this.

Moushumi also said that Shabnur and Shabnur are among the most popular among them. At the end of the ceremony, the celebration of Rajat Jayanti celebrated the birthday of the seasoned mousewife.

Produced by the book and the plans of Rumman Rashid Khan, Ajay Poddar has produced the program. On the eid day at 8 pm the program is broadcast on Maasranga Television.

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