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Swapna Varman and Shreevit Mukherjee Bapna is known to many people, and she is spread across India, Asia and the world in the village of Panchakha in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, this year she is named as the gold medal in the Hepatthalong of Asia Games, and she takes initiatives to spread the story of Swapna Barman in different ways. Mukhopadhyay. He will create biopic with Swapna.

Swapna stood at the top of the hijathalalan heptathlon in the women's coat and spear. The second place was in Shatpu and Longjampa, the fourth was 800 meters, the fifth was 100 meters hurdles and the seventh was 200 meters. In total, Swapna's collection was 6, 26 points. He achieved the highest position and received the gold medal in the heptathlon. The gold of Swapna wins the flood of happiness in West Bengal and India. The goal of Swapna is to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

Kolkata film director Satyajit Mukherjee has taken the initiative to make a biopic with Swapna. Already first conversations with Swapna. In connection with the film, Swapna said that the biopic & Share Share Share & # 39; Milka Singh was released five years ago. Farhan Akhtar played there In that year Swapna went to Calcutta for training of Jalpaiguri. Swapna started to dream again after she had seen that picture on that day. He thinks that if he can do it right, he can even be made with such a film. He kept the dream that long.

Shreejit Mukherjee said he also wanted Swapna to be biophysical. Although Swabhusha trainer Subhash Sarkar has said, the Swapna dream is now the Olympic Games. He will have to return quickly to the fast track after the minor injury recovers. At that time, the maker of the film Rajshahi Muktjee was busy promoting the film.

Swapna children of poor families. The father of Vanshak is now ill Big brother mason He will live in the dream family. From childhood, the dreams of Swapna will grow into a player. Continuous exercise The dream was fulfilled in the heptathlon of the Asian Games won the gold medal. The gold medal of a Bengali girl is gaining a lot of joy throughout West Bengal Swapna congratulated state secretary Mamata Banerjee with her sweet congratulations. As a reward, the state government gives him Rs 10 lakh, a government job and a housing facility.

Sports Minister of India congratulated him on the success of Swapna. He said the Indian government would give him a favorite job, cash Rs 30 lakh and a stay. The central government has assured him of an all-round cooperation for training. They will also work together to prepare for the Olympic Games. This news is very happy, Swapna's dad Panchanan Varman and mother Desh Varman.

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