Syed Hasan Imam and Ferdousi Majumder awarded Altaf Mahmud Padak

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Shaheed Altaf Mahmud Padak, honored by Shaheed Altaf Mahmud Foundation, was honored with two outstanding artists, Syed Hasan Imam and Ferdousi Majumder. On Thursday evening, Shaheed Altaf Mahmud Padak was transferred to the students of the music and dance drama auditorium of Shilpakala Academy. The prize was jointly presented that day by Shilpakala Academy and Shaheed Altaf Mahmud Foundation. Prominent actor Ali Zaker was the main guest on the program. Two great artists have received this award from his hand. Syed Hasan Imam said that Altaf Mahmud was older than me, but he was like a friend. I feel honored to be honored with the honor of freedom fighter Altaf Mahmud. With this award in the name of Altaf Mahmud, people from all over the country have a connection with the spirit. Ferdousi Majumdar said, Altaf Mahmud's tunes were internationally recognized. Who does not say that, he is immortal, by his creation. The medal of today in his memory is really great for me. The meeting was attended by, among others, the daughter of Altaf Mahmud and the secretary of the foundation, Shaon Mahmud. Not only the medal, but also the medals are honored. It should be noted that the Shaheed Altaf Mahmud Foundation was established in 2005 to pay tribute to the memorial of martyr Altaf Mahmud. & # 39; Shaheed Altaf Mahmud Padak & # 39; is given by giving a medal, progeny and financial honor.

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