Tahsan-Shabanti & s # 39; I Can not Be You & # 39; Number on YouTube (Video)

From the singer to actor Tahsan, the country plays outside the borders of Bangla. The famous heroine of Calcutta made a photo of 'If one day & # 39; with Srabanti. The first song of the film was released on YouTube. After the release of the song, the audience received a broad answer.

Mahmud Manzur wrote about the song & # 39; I can not be yours & # 39 ;. Naved Parvez tunes In this, Taasan and Kanal gave voice. The song was released online Saturday night.

Over two million views via two million YouTube videos Since its release, the song has been praised by social communication.

& # 39; If one day & # 39; photo-director Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raj said: "I always try to do well in my film, just like my previous film number" If one day "is also popular with the audience, it looks good. from & # 39; Eid & # 39; is this number a gift from the team to the public.

Produced by Bengal Multimedia, & # 39; If one day & # 39 ;. Apart from Tahsan-Shrubanti, & # 39; Dhaka Attack & # 39; -ster Taskin Rahman has more than played Saberi Alam, Fakhrul Bashar Masum, Mili Bashar can be seen in different characters. In the film, the child artist Afrin Shekha Risa played an important role.

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