There is no objection to another hero

Shabnam Bubli, the celebrated screenwriter. His specialty to choose luxury is not to immerse yourself in luxury. So boobli means the hit photo. The image of Bubbly means mass & # 39; s theaters. The festival of Bubali at each festival adds new dimensions to the public.

One of Barisalya Poya and Noakhaila Maayya, the other is the Super Hero, released on two previous Eid films. Shakib Khan, his hero as usual, in his two films, The photo's are forever touched. Visitors will find these people in this Eid. This time his hero superhero Shakib. The name of this year is Captain Khan.

Recently Shakib-Bubli shot from the movie & # 39; Captain Khan & # 39; from Eid in Thailand. Just talking about Shakib Khan is not enough to listen to Bubbli Because all the photos that have been made so far are the heroes of the whole booby According to critics, Bubli fires on Shakib's shoulder and pistol. Some people say that Shakib has hit the image of Bubli's film.

But Bubli is not disturbed by the criticism. He acted according to the story. If you do not like the story, do not agree to work with someone. And the producer chooses the hero.

Without Shakib Khan you are still not seen against another hero. Responding to the question whether there is a willingness to act if the offer is available, the Lazoyman said: "Of course there have been, since I started working in the film, I will do it regularly." Good director, I do not object against working with another hero. Soon the viewer can see me with another hero.

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