This gift from Eid Nusrat Faria

Actress Nusrat Faria will perform the Eid ceremony of BTV in Anandamalaya In the choreography of National Film Award-winning Tanjil Alam, this Heartthrob heroine was danced with a group of dancers from the Eagles Dance Company.
Recently the recording of the show was done in the Bangladesh Television studio.

Faria said: "Tanjil Bhai's choreography has a different kind of creative life and now there will be a surprise in my performance." [Tan
Tanjil said: & # 39; Faria is a great artist she always likes to work with her. Nusrat Faria does not have the pair to play in a classical dance choreography. "
Ruled by Mahfuzar Rahman Ripon, the special attraction of the show was the dancing of Chinese and Western themed dance musicians of Nusrat Faria and Eagles Dance Company, apart from this, Ayub Bachchu, Shawkat Ali Imon, Balam, Bappa Majumdar, Akhi Alamgir, Kanal, Kana and other artists
The presentation presented Ferdous and Purnima The program will be broadcast on BTV after the English news of Eid 10.
Ananda Mahala will be shown after the tenth of the eighth day of the Eid
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