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Bipasha Kabir has been working in the film for many years, known for his music songs in Dhalui. He has also worked in several films in the role of heroine. In the last & # 39; Khas Jammin & # 39; Bipasha played the main heroine in the film. Simon Sadiq was the hero of this film directed by Sarwar Hossain. The new news is that Bipasha Kabir has acted on a photo item number again after two years. In this context, he said, the name of the new movie & # 39; and my profit & # 39 ;. I have not played any item numbers for a long time. I did the work at the request of film producer Himel Bhai. I performed in the special song & # 39; Politics & # 39; from the last Bulbul Biswas. Two years later, two days ago, I recorded the new number in the FDC. Recording of the FDC number four on the floor. Lameez, which is the poem & # 39; Flying Money Millions & # 39; wrote, written by Kabir Bakul. Habib has choreographed the song. Hopefully the audience will like this song of great talent. & O; O My Love & # 39; was directed by Abul Kalam Azad. In the film banner of the excel film, many actors play in different roles, including Kartik's hero Riddeshw and Kolkata actress Sabarni, along with Amrita Khan, Amit Hasan and many others.
In fact Bipasha Kabir works on the item number of the hobby while the audience receives it because of better performance. Munatajur Rahman Akbar & # 39; s Still Love & # 39 ;, Raju Chowdhury & # 39; Romeo 2013 & # 39 ;, Zakir Hossain Raju & # 39; No More Love & # 39 ;, Badoule & # 39; Popular Love & # 39; by Munatajur Rahman Akbar after being popularized by item numbers in Shahin Suman Alam Khokan & # 39; Munni Munna & # 39; has drawn the attention of the public as an item girl in almost 50 films. Bipasha Kabir mainly danced in the film that was seen using the items that were used in the songs of Bollywood. But now he wants to work in the role of the head hero.

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