Watch video: Priyanka Chopra dances with children in the orphanage dgtl

Last Saturday Priyanka ChopraThe & # 39; Roka & # 39; ceremony was organized in the house of Rokha in Mumbai. There are American pop stars Nick JonasHeroine removes the involvement with the game. The party also has a new couple with good friends and family members. Immediately afterwards they have done an important job.

Priyanka likes to live for everyone, not just for himself. That is why he went to a special place with Nick after Sunday's engagement on Sunday morning. His favorite place is St. Catherine's orphanage

Priyanka and Nick spent some time with the children in the orphanage and spent some time with their children. A few moments of joy in dance songs. Nick himself has shared a favorite dance film on social media.

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Alia Bhatta, Preity Zinta, Arpita Khan, Ranbir Singha greets some of the stars in the palace, greetings on social media. Some people were also present at the Priyanka party. But the engagement is that when it is time to marry, that curiosity has been created in the audience.

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