What do the parents of the stars do?

We all know the stars of the stars – the stars of Shobij Bhuban. But how many people do we know or do they keep looking for their parents? If the parents are star, he knows the news. If someone is unknown outside the show, they will leave. Our report today about those proud parents

Readers take a small eye, what are the children outside the showbizz?

Babita: His father Nizamuddin Atab was an official and mother B. J. Aara was a doctor. Babita spent his youth and adolescence in Jessore. Big Brother Suconda and Chhota Bone Champa actress in three brothers and three sisters.

Director Zahir Raihan is his brother-in-law. Babita's mother dreamed of becoming a doctor, but in the end she became a wonderfully talented actress in the eyes of Bengali films.

Shakib Khan: Three sons of Mominuddin Sheikh from the village of Raghdi of the Raghdi Union in Muksudpur upazila of the Gopalganj district. Three were government officials. One of these three Abdur Raf Sheikh

Abdur Rafs only son, the current Shakib Khan. Everyone was aware that Shakib Khan was called for writing the film Masud Rana Sheikh. Shakib & # 39; s mother housewife

Musharraf Karim: Father Karim Khalifa was a country doctor and mother Momtaj Begum was a housewife. Gournadi from Barisal in the house of Mosharraf Karim.

Simon Sadiq: The village house of Kishoreganj Sadar in the Kalapara village of the Mahinand Union. Simon studied at the Kishoreganj Government Boys & # 39; High School, after completing studies in Dhaka.

Simon & # 39; s father said. Sadekur Rahman is both a civilized person and a local politician. He played different roles in different areas of the field.

Arifin Shuvo: The village house is located in Angargagarh village Bhaluka upazila of Mymensingh. Although Anagargara is an ancestral home in the village, he was born in the city of Mymensingh. Schools and growing up in the city Mymensingh Babus SM Shamsul Haque was a government official.

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim: Mother Photo Saha Housewife Currently he is with Mim. Father Professor Birendranath Saha He is still teaching.

Prasun Azad: both father Azad Hossain and mother Shahana Azad, policeman by profession.

Many people call me festivities: Bubli!

Many people call me festivities: Bubli!

August 21 – Eid-photo means Bubli – it has become a rule in the last few Eid. The Eid of this year is no exception. & # 39; Captain Khan & # 39; will be released nationwide. And in the opposite of Shakib Khan Bubli This ill-fated movie has been in conversation with every other reference to Eid and the release of Eid. The interview lasted – Shamsul Haque Russell

Without playing a role, I went straight to the question of what to say …

It resembles & # 39; Captain Khan & # 39 ;, it is a photo based on & # 39; Khansahib & # 39 ;, what is the work of Bubal? Hmm … okay. It is a Bollywood specialty or a dhaliud, it is a bit special about the Khansahabs. That's true. Here the heroes also play a role. If you want to know what role my role in this film is, see the photo. If you now say that the fun is lost.

If the name & # 39; Mrs. Khan & # 39; was without & # 39; Captain Khan & # 39; then it would not have been bad …

Wow … very nice name. If it had been for the directors of the ears, you might have thought. Your photo will be released on Eid – how is enjoying the subject? Is there any fear or challenge for this?

My photo is released for Eid after the last three years. It is really a matter of great love. There is also the issue of the release of images and the release of the photo. I will say everything in a different way. Many have also given the name of the festival.

In all films, Shakib Khan is a hero, so what is his self-respect?

Look, the challenge works when you work with a superstar. Shakib Khan has proven himself for many years. The last 3/4 years turned out to be more personal. His acceptance for the audience is different. I am also his fan. And now if we share the screen with him.

I also have to work with a scalp as an employee. Besides, I can not do any heroic work. There will be a hero in the movie, normal. It is a great achievement that a great actor gets a co-star.

Because the audience accepts, the director-producer invests a lot of money and takes us into the picture as a couple. Besides, working with new heroes, I do not understand if my intimacy will be revealed. I try to give 100 percent of my role. I know a lot, learn.

Many people say Shakib shoots a gun with his shoulder …

It is normal for heroes to work with superstars. It is also normal that new heroes will work in new heroines. Shakib Khan works with many heroines outside the country and abroad.

Maybe I did not work outside of him because the public said that. At the right time, waiting for the right project. Hopefully the audience will soon see me with other heroes.

& # 39; Superhero & # 39 ;, & # 39; Captain Khan & # 39; names seem the same …

Counted by women-oriented images in our country We also see that in Bollywood. The Bollywood industry is very big. However, photos are usually dependent on the heroes. Sultan Sultan & # 39 ;, # Bajarangi Bhajan & # 39 ;, & # 39; Rowdy Rathore & # 39; are all in the mainstream movie. It's already coming out. There are few images with a woman-oriented image.

Still, I got 2/1 photo & # 39; s, just like the photo of & # 39; arrogant & # 39; My role was in the film "Chitaganga Poya Noakhailya Maayya & # 39; Other photo's are heroes, but heroin also plays a role. It depends on the director, how they think, how the scenario should be written. If superstars are in the picture, they think that way.

The couple believes in practice …

It really depends on the story. If viewers want, if it is good to see chemistry in the paraphrase, then the couple is then derived from a few things. There are many big pairs that have done very little.

Just like Shahrukh and Kajal, they have photos made of 7/8 in their hands. Uttam-Suchitra has made photo's of 12/13, Amitabh has scored an 11th place. I do not judge by number. I think that's positive.

An interesting experience with & # 39; Captain Khan & # 39; …

Shakib Khan, the original planner of the recently released Mao Mao & # 39; number that was included in the film, was originally planned. In Thailand, when the song was in motion, everyone had fun. The whole set & # 39; Mao Mao & # 39; sounded in the ears. The artists from Thailand also laugh about it.

There is a plan to go to Eid …

Of course, of course. Every time I see the picture. Apart from myself, other artists look at what they do differently.

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