Who is Shakib's new heroine?

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Shakib Khan is the hero of the most popular and famous Bengali film of the day. He has, however, been quite regular in Kolkata's film. Almost all of them can be seen in the film by Kolkata Bangla.

A photo of this year's Freedom Superstar Shakib Khan was released. In the film directed by Wajed Ali Sumon, opposite actress Shakib, the heroine Shabnam Bubali can be seen. At the end of the busy Eid there is a lot of free time, the dhalide star. However, it is heard that the movie "Shahhen Shah & # 39; will soon start with Glamor City Nusrat Faria.

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In this context, Shakib Khan said: "I have spent my entire year shooting at the moment, I am shocked to work a lot, so this Eid is a little relaxing.

Regarding the start of the new film she said that the Shahid Shahah Shah photo will be held a few days later. Then the film starts working. Shamim Ahmed Rony will save it. After the Eid is & # 39; Shahhen Shah & # 39; the first to go back to work.

Meanwhile, after a collaboration with Shabnam Bubali, the actress is stuck with a domestic heroine. As a result, he had to fall in the face of criticism. In this connection Shakib said: "Who will really work with me?" Who will work with me? Director-manufacturers determine exactly this.

Who will be my heroine? I have no headache in my relationship with someone who will bind me, I still do not. And the hum is less than me. If you listen to these ears, I will never work.

Meanwhile, the director of Shapla Media, Shanpara Media, will have another heroine in Shahhen Shah opposite Shakib alongside Sharia, the director Shamim Ahmed Rony said. He recently wrote on Facebook with a message, starring Shakib Khan & # 39; s Shahhen Shah, another heroine with the chemistry of Nusrat Faria.

Who becomes the heroine? I do not want to tell you here. Keep it as a surprise. But the maker said that everything will be opened on the day of the tragedy. Meanwhile, the film will be recorded from outside the country and abroad.

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