Why did Johar make the remarks about Deepika's marriage?

The wedding of Deepika

& # 39; Destination Weddings Sarbanon & # 39; in Bollywood, Ranbir and Deepika in Bollywood. Many wishes for their future in life. A few days ago Bajirao gave an idea of ​​the marriage of Masti, the one-year-old actor Kabir Bedi. Tommy's wedding with Ram-Leela, he told And this time Karan Kohar hunted the marriage of Bazirao-Mustaine.

Recently visited a director of a radio show. Where he stands for the issue of Rapid Fire. One of those questions was that Deepika-Ranbir is getting married. This is what you do or do not agree with the buzz. In the north Johar said: "I am not a Dinay".

Ever somewhere in November, December. Ever sujurland never loses Mumbai From the beginning of the year, the best Gossip Ran-Deepika of Tinosale married Several copies of different specimens flying in Bolipara. But it is true that everything is in his hand!

As far as is heard, the wedding party of Bagrio-Mustaine will take place on the 20th of November in Lake Como, Italy. Some friendly friends without family members will be present. Deepika, who specializes in the Outfit of designer Sajjashi on the special day. It is heard, there is no gold, diamonds or platinum. On the wedding day, Padmavati wants to decorate silver jewelry.

The wedding of Deepika

In addition, it is also reported that Love Birds has been warned for the marriage of Sonam and Joy. The way in which the marriage ceremony of Sonam & # 39; s wedding ceremony was spread, did not like the social media. So you want to keep your personal moments private, Ran-Dipi. Therefore, do not ask guests to use mobile during the wedding ceremony. They can use the phone again when the wedding lessons are picked up.

But the wedding ceremony will begin ten days ago. Dipika's mother kept pooja for ten days for the welfare of daughter-in-law. To celebrate the mother's wish, the celebration of Ron-Dipti's wedding began ten days ago. It is known that Ranbir Singh will travel to Bangalore together with his family in the first week of November.

Pujo will be organized. Moreover, Deepika's mother spoke with the priests of Nandi Temple or Bengaluru. There will also be arrangements for the puja & puja & # 39; s. And then they fly to Marage Destination Italy.

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