Your husband is working with him!

Twinkle Khanna and her husband Akshay Kumar and Tanushree Dutt. Photo: collected

When Tanosri gave allegations of sexual abuse against various stakeholders, Twinkle Khanna stood beside her. Said: & brave woman & # 39; Tunnheree praised Tanu, the face of his grandfather, Twinkle. And the answer did not give him Tanoshri!

Last week Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutt, known for her "Ashik Banaya Apon", claimed that she sexually assaulted her a few years ago on the shooting of Horna oka please & # 39 ;. After that incident, he moved away from the movie world. Go to the United States.

After 10 years, the older actor of Mumbai accused accusations of sexual harassment against several pars and filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri.

Twinkkle Khanna, the wife of Bollywood star Akshay Kumar & # 39; s wife and actress, who supports the author of the microblog site, said: "Sexual harassment and threatening work environment are the fundamental rights of the people.If he opens the face, this brave woman (Tonyushree Datta) showed the path to reach the goal. & # 39;

However, thanks to Twinkle for participating in the controversy about sexual harassment of Tanushri-Nana, Tanto said. But he paused and said, "Thank you for supporting me. But your husband (Akshay Kumar) still photographs with different stakeholders. What do you want to say about this? & # 39;

Tonushree told Twinkle: & # 39; Asking questions is that the support is pure because it does not give a penalty. & # 39;

Tanushree said: & # 39; If someone cooperates with different stakeholders, many will consider themselves the winner. They will not ask me for forgiveness, and in the meantime they began to tell lies. If you continue and work with them, they will consider themselves a winner. & # 39;

Former Indian beauty said: & # 39; Then I spent 10 years. What is the loss of money – financially, emotionally and mentally … …

Tanushree Datta – Saragaram Bollywoodpara in different political debates Some stars have Tonsheer & # 39; s & # 39; fight & # 39; supported, but some have come forward to support different patkars. Most stars do not want to comment. Nana's support came into the & rd; rani rani & # 39; Rakhi Sainanta. Because Rakhi Sainan joined the song instead of Tonsheer in the song, which is so shocking about the shooting of the song scene.

Rakhi Tonsuri Dutt blamed the accusation and called him & # 39; crazy & # 39 ;. At that time, Tonyushree was a drug addict in the shooting. Rakhi threw the challenge and said that the Tansheer blood test had to be done. Tony's drug addicts have been proven. And if it is not true, he will not leave India. Source: India Today

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