11 injured in reserve tank explosion in Mirpur

10 people were injured during the explosion during the cleaning of the reserve tank in a house in the Mirpur Pallabi area of ​​the capital. The incident took place on Tuesday night.

Officer-in-charge of Pallabi Police Station Sub-inspector Haridas said that this incident occurred in the home of a person named Mosharraf Hossain for the Morpara Bihari camp in Pallabi & E-39; block Mirpur 12. Ten injured were admitted to the combustion unit at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. The wounded were identified as Mosharraf Hossain, 45, his son Jisan, 18, and hired an Awal Hossain Babu, 32, and tenants Surat Ali, 60, Surat & # 39; s wife Bedana Begum, 40, their daughter Aleya, 25, Rabbi (20), his wife Laboni (18) and tenant Alamgir Hossain (32), son of Surat (four and a half years).

Fire control commander Russell Shikder of the fire control room said the gas pipeline was dropping out of the reserve tank. It is assumed that there was an explosion in gas accumulation from the hole.

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