21,000 workers ready to remove the waste from the capital

Approximately 21,000 cleaners from Dhaka North and South City Corporation are ready to take away the waste of the sacrifice within 24 hours. Today they start the waste removal process from 2 pm on Wednesday.

This time the newly added district, including two city companies in Dhaka, has taken the place for the slaughter of 1054 animals. Eid holiday of employees of waste management department of two cities has been canceled in the fastest time to remove the waste of cows. The hotline is open for waste disposal in a fast and fixed time and two city governments have provided almost five million polyethylene bags for waste disposal.

City officials said that the two mayors are entering the formal waste disposal program from 2 o'clock on Eid day. At present, five lakh animals can be sacrificed in two city businesses of Dhaka. At least 30 thousand tons of waste will be made from these animals.

Khondoker Milladul Islam, additional Chief Waste Management Officer of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) said that of the 20,717 cleaning machines of waste disposal, 11,271 people from DSCC will stay in the field to remove animal waste. There are 350 equipment, including 10 payloaders.

Khondoker Milladul Islam said the hotline was introduced to remove the waste of the poison in the fastest time. The DSL hotline number is 09611000999 In addition, one lakh 75 thousand waste bags were handed out. Leaflets and miking were done to remove the waste from the victim.

Additional Chief Waste Management Officer of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCCC) said Abul Hasnat. Ashraful Islam said that 9,000 workers will be in waste disposal in the field.

North City Corporation Panel Mayor will inaugurate the waste disposal program for the animals from temporary animals in western Uttara 15 nr. 2 at 2 pm.

It is well known that in this city waste disposal trucks 150, dump trucks 19, five payloads, tricycles, 11 water pumps (with jet spray), four skid loader four, four truck loaders, trucks (outsourcing) 80, Millions of pieces, bleaching powder 40 thousand kg, 100 liters of storage and 200 liters of fennel have been kept ready. Meanwhile, six bulldozers, two long arm pullers, three chain buckets, two-wheelers have been hired to increase mobility.

Ashraful Islam said that the temporary central control room will be set up in DNCCC area-3 (Mohakhali). Hotline number is 029830936 In addition, mobile numbers remain open in five areas. The numbers are Uttara 01717102025, Mirpur 01711-313289, Mohakhali 01923113636 Mirpur (Region-4) 01733895532 and Karwan Bazar 01711577474. The city has been asked to contact the mobile number and to help with waste management.

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