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On the occasion of Janmastami, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina prayed for the happiness, peace and well-being of all citizens of the country, saying that Lord Krishna worshiped the people through her life and work.

She described Bangladesh as a land of common harmony and said that people of all religions and castes in this country have long lived peacefully. Our constitution guarantees the equal rights of people of all religions and castes. We believe that religion is true, the festival is for everyone.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today greeted all Hindus with a message on the occasion of Happy Janmashtami's birthday and said: "Sri Krishna has forever confirmed the life of peace, humanism and justice." His only goal was to establish brotherhood in people and establish equality in society.

Referring to the commitment of the current government to protect the common harmony in the country, the prime minister said, the ideals and teachings of Sri Krishna will strengthen thousands of common harmony, solidarity and brotherhood of thousands of Bengal.

He hopes that this Janmastami festival will inspire Sri Krishna's devotees to follow his biography. In the collective efforts of all, we will be able to form the Golden Bangladesh from the dream of the largest Bengal nation Father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

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