& # 39; There is no fakir in Bangladesh & # 39;

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A recent publicity campaign promoted in Bangladesh Television has caused a lot of discussion and criticism. It is said in one place that there are no fakirs in Bangladesh today.

At the beginning of the advertisement, a person named Hamid hit the streets of the village. And a group of men and women in the village chases him out loud.

An older man from that village wanted to know the cause of this pursuit by stopping the two parties.

During this time, a woman expressed anger at the fact that another villager wanted to feed Zaheer Fakir Miskin in memory of his deceased parents. That is why he sent Hamid to invite them. They were humiliated.

"Are we a fakir miscin?" He threw back the question, that woman.

Later, another person from the crowd told them that they were poor, but they are no longer there. Now they are the people of the asylum project of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The government has provided education for their children, electricity connections, land surfaces, ponds and income for children.

There was a dialogue that "we can be poor, but no fakir misin."

Finally they said: "There is no land in Bangladesh and the land to find Fakir Miskin in this country."

Bangladesh Television Advertising is a courtesy of the Ministry of Information.
This is in fact a development advertisement about the asylum project of the government.

It has been said that 250 lakh families have already been rehabilitated by this project. Another lakh family is undergoing rehabilitation activities.
Social media response:
The discussion has already begun to criticize the content of the advertisement on social media.

Many people did not even leave with placing a satirical post.

On the Facebook page of Bangladesh TV you can see the video on Thursday.

And all the number of viewers has increased by five and a half million.

The shares have been seven thousand times. Many people also uploaded this ad from their own accounts.

Apart from the comments, more than a thousand have been read. In most comments, however, the user did not agree with the claim of this ad.
In this connection Rafiul Islam said in his comment: "Who is not a poor fakir in Bangladesh, who gave me the skin of the kidneys, who assumed the role of Fakir Miskeen?"

A user named Marlin said: "There is no one at all, so if you go to the iftar and are buried and die, fight with the line of flesh and death."
Tahmidul Islam wrote: "I saw people today in front of the mosque, who comes from America to beg for Bangladesh?"

Mohammed Munna MN questions the management of these projects.

He said: "The Ministry of Information has made this video, which is unsuccessful: there are thousands of Fakir Miskin who are still not well managed, even if the government takes the project to remove the fakir misin."

Apart from this, many people are seen as rude remarks, one of them being Morshed Alam.

He said: "I was cycling, watching the video, I fell into the ditch, rescuers came to save me and watch the video, they also fell into a ditch to laugh."

Saidul Islam silent wrote: "I watched the video for two hours and after a lot of hardships I gave a great gamble with trembling hands, now I feel much better than before."

Ashiqur Rahman Emon wrote the commentary of the Bengali meaning: "Bangladesh's information ministry has made BTV reliable again, after a long time I have the feeling that I will see Alif Laila from my youth again."

Although there is a difference of opinion between the fake minisins in the country, we see that some people are greeted with good wishes for various government development projects in poverty reduction. One of them, Manjur e God.

In his English commentary, the meaning of Bangla means: "Inshallah, there will soon be a time when our country will be free of fakir, but unfortunately there are still many fakirs in our country, for every mosque in Dhaka, every day people see many people every day Take appropriate measures for rehabilitation of the entire government Iyechena Good luck to them. "
In response to this comment, Ehsanur Rahman also emphasized the liability of the public.

He wrote: "I agree with you, 47 years old, now is the time to give people the chance to benefit from the government in 1980. After independence, the government should invest more in the health and infrastructure sector in 1980. It is time to increase private investment Yes, it is We all need to try to solve our problems, national problems and help the government. & # 39;

Some of the handwritten arguments, however, argued for the claim of the advertisement. One of them is Zulfikar Hasan Piyas.

He said: "How much the economy of the country has progressed, it understands the economy or has little knowledge about the economy, or an ordinary person can realize from his own situation, while our diverse society has laughed there too."
Although contact was made with a number of senior senior officials from Bangladesh to be aware of the advertisements and content of this advertisement, they did not agree to comment on it.

But BTV Director General SM Harunur Rashid said his organization was only involved in promoting the advertisement. They have nothing to do with their plans.

To answer the question whether the content of the advertisement supports reality, they should contact Bangladesh Television if they are contacted through the Ministry of Information.

Source – BBC

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