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Four children died in the last six days due to unknown diseases in Udalia Tripura Palli or Hathazari upazila or Chittagong. One of them has three children. 22 of the newest victims were included in Upazila Health Complex. In addition to the fever, they have a rash in their body. By checking blood samples, doctors try to identify the type of disease.

According to sources, they were contacted outside the Tripura Palli for a week after discussing unknown diseases, including infant mortality. On Sunday morning the upazila administration could know about the incident because it is a bit remote. After knowing the information about the children who were ill in Sonairkul Tripura Palli of West Udalia, Farhadabad Department, the officer went to the spot with Officer Akhtar U Nade Shaquli Health Officer. After this, several children were taken to the Upazila Health Complex.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer said it is about four kilometers to go to Tripura Palli. Although there is a community clinic in remote hilly areas, they can not undergo treatment there. At least four children have been killed since 21 August.

Farhadabad UP chairman Mohammad Idris said, about one and a half hundred people live in Tripura Palli. On Sunday morning a child died with the name Annabala Tripura (7). Earlier on August 21, Ann Roy Tripura (5), Kashmondi Tripura (3) and Soumya Roy Tripura (4) died on 24 August. Until last night, a total of 22 children were admitted to the Hathazari Upazila Health Complex. Their age is between one and ten years.

Hathazari upazila health officer said. Abu Syed Md. Imtiaz Hossain said that the children who were dead suffered from fever and shortness of breath. The family members said they had skin rashes in their bodies. The children of the affected children have the same symptoms. They all suffer from serious destruction. The blood samples from five people, including three seriously injured, were sent to Dhaka.

In July last year nine children died due to unknown diseases in Tripura Palli or Sitakunda. Affected by 50 or more. There were almost identical symptoms in those diseases. After the samples, the doctors agreed that the children suffered from measles.

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