9 subsidies for export subsidies

9 new products added to the list of export subsidies in the country. In this context, 25 products will be available to the government for financial support or subsidy in the current fiscal year 2018-2019. Gravity is between 2 and 20 percent. Exporters will receive this facility in the fiscal year 2018-19 against the export of goods. The Foreign Migration Department of Bangladesh Bank made a notification on Monday.
According to the notification, subsidy or cash assistance will be provided for the export of new 9 types of products from 10 September. Products are: pharmaceutical products, photovoltaic modules, motorcycles, chemical products (chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide), shavers and razor blades, ceramic products, hats, crabs and crush (frozen and soft, acceptance of environment and forest department.) And galvanized sheet / Coil-coated with zinc, quoted with aluminum and Jing and color coated (molten sheet). In contrast to the export of these goods, the exporters receive 10 percent subsidy or financial support.
Products with cashback include: Optional cash assistance instead of bonds and tax disadvantages in the local textile sector, 4% of the extra small and medium enterprises in the textile sector, 4% extra, new product or market expansion aid (excluding USA, Canada and the EU) 4 %, euro Extra special aid for exports of 4% for textile exporters in the region, 2%, Hogla, straw, sugar cane E 20% of the export of handicrafts, 20% of agricultural products and processed agricultural products, cows, buffaloes and bones, 10% exports of bones, 15% for the export of light technical goods, 20% for the export of halal meat, 20% of the ice cap, 10% cash assistance is provided in frozen frozen shrimps and other fish exports.
15 per cent of exports of leather goods and furniture, 10 shipments of ships, plastic products and gastric flasks, 10 per cent of grain and vegetable seeds and 20 per cent for the export of carbon from jute and jute, and up to 20 per cent of cash on exports of jute products .
Apart from this, 20 percent of the potato exports in the current fiscal year, 10 percent for the export of crust and finished leather from the industries are transferred to Savar leather industrial company and 12 percent cash assistance for jute and the export of finished products. Jute yarn 7 percent and the export of different jute goods gets 20 percent. At the same time, 10% of the export of paper and paper products produced in the country and 20% subsidy in Agar and Ore exports remained unchanged.
It has been said that the export assistance will take effect from 1 June, 018 to 30 June 2019.

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