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Add EVM & # 39; s to RPO

Electronic voting machines (EVMs) will be used during the next eleven parliamentary elections. To this end, the use of EVMs in the Representation of the People's Republic of Bangladesh (RPO) is added. Election Committee (EC) will decide on Sunday to complete various proposals from the legislative reform committee. The EC has already been informed that no major changes will be proposed before the next parliamentary elections, without adding to the use of EVMs in the electoral law. However, this law will be proposed to be translated into Bengali.

There are two main agendas in the committee meeting scheduled for Sunday at 10 a.m. First of all, amendment to the Representation of the People's Order – 1972. The other is to prepare for the Femboosa conference to be held in Dhaka this year.

The election commissioner, Helaluddin Ahmed, told Ittefaq yesterday that every local electoral law without voting in the EVM also includes votes. According to the committee's decision, it is necessary to add the case to the RPO for the use of EVMs in a center of about 45 thousand polling stations when the Jatiya Sangsad is being elected.

He said that the discussion will be discussed at the meeting. To make it easier for everyone, a few more topics can be discussed with the proposal to translate RPO into Bengal. After finalizing these proposals of the committee, this will be discussed in parliament after the vote of the Ministry of Law and the approval of the cabinet.

Meanwhile, on July 15, BNP secretary-general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that the constitutional process of the Party from the party's constitution is disseminated in the unanimous resolution of number 7, as a section of the electoral commission is attempted to add to the People & # 39; s Representation Order. The goal is to take steps to remove Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman from the leadership of BNP. The secretary said that the issue of political leadership in the RPO change is not the issue. There is no plan to keep it.

In order to reform the existing 14 laws and regulations relating to the RPO, the EC formed an Order Review Committee on 16 July last year by electing Commissioner Kabita Khanam. The committee also prepared some recommendations for changes to the RPO. In order to prevent irregularities in the elections, the recommendation was to: & # 39; the third eye & # 39; to provide the special monitoring system later excluded. It is out of the question that instead of one percent of the electoral district, a signature of one thousand voters is submitted for independent candidates. In the case of equality, the repeal of the rules of the lottery and the recommendation of three to seven years for the trial against electoral criminals have been withdrawn.

At the meeting of the electoral commission on 19 March, the recommendations of the committee were considered important under the 35-point recommendations of the committee. The election committee also appointed a consultant to check the remaining recommendations. According to the sources of the EC secretariat, the proposals of the commission for the reform of the law for research were sent to the consultant, which mentioned the amendment or supplement to the 19 paragraphs of RPO. These are – sections 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37 and 44.

According to the draft proposal: "RPO must define EVMs. The current EVM is not only intended to vote, but also identifies voters with fingerprints and NID number authentication, which does not meet this biometric verification, and can not vote. the 28 (a) paragraph states that the ballot box adds EVM, although it has been said that polling boxes or EVMs are empty before the elections, while at the same time the 28 (c) paragraph states that empty ballot boxes and EVM stamps Article 31 (3) states that this contributes to the non-payment of the vote and to prevent it from voting.In paragraph 33 (1) it is said that the issue of exclusion from EVM & # 39; s for voting challenges 34 (1) Amendment of the paragraph states that the issue of the lost ballot is not applicable to EVMs. 36 (6), the amendment says that the data from the EVM & # 39; voice results are the storage data card The EVM has been asked the European Reform Committee to add online acceptance and accept acceptance in the 12 (3) of the proposal. 13 (1) (A) paragraph would increase the security level of the candidates from Tk 20 thousand to 50 thousand taka. In paragraph 22 (3), the teller is asked to provide the EC identity card without the card bearing the candidate's symbol. 12 (3) paragraphs are asked to add nominations online and 12 (3b) (A) are also asked to accept the highest qualification status certificate together with the candidacy and also to submit the magazine as an alternative.

In the meantime, during the current parliamentary elections, the election committee has accepted for the first time in the election of EVM and local government elections a proposal of Taka 3,821 crore for the collection of 1.5 lakh EVMs. And submitted for approval to the Ministry of Planning. On August 19, the project evaluation committee of the Planning Commission was scheduled to discuss the issue. But on that day it was postponed.

It is learned that the costs of the EC for the purchase of electronic voting machines (EVMs) for the transparency of election management, purchase and maintenance of the tk project are 3,821 crore. Most costs will be spent on EVMs. The price of EVM will be approximately two lakhs per unit. The project has been extended until June 2023.

The election committee has already collected 2.5 million EVMs through the Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory. These EVMs are used in local municipal elections.

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