Arif granted another three-day pre-trial detention

Garage employee Shiuli Murder: Arifs next 3-day pre-trial detention

Tangail Correspondent
4:38 pm, 17 August 018

Police station Mirzapur OC AK Mijanur Haque said that the police have applied for a ten-day detention order at the court for further interrogation of Arif. After the hearing on Thursday, the court granted a three-day pre-trial detention following the hearing.

On 7 August the bus driver Ruhul Amin alias Rony Sheikh (38) and his colleague, younger brother Sohail Rana alias Rana Sheikh and Shuiuli's colleague Arif Mia (35) were involved in the incident. ) Have been arrested.

On the other hand, the bus that went to Shiousi Begum was also detained at his workplace. At the same time, the court granted the pre-trial detention to Triple to Arif.

Arrested bus driver Ruhul Amin aka Rony Sheikh (38) confessed on August 9, the court's confessional statement. In the statement, the bus driver told the court that another clothing factory worker Arif Mia (35) was on a bus with Shuiuli on the day of the incident. Later, in a phase of the tragedy, Shuiuli Begum pushed the bus from the moving bus. The clothing worker died on the spot.

Arif police could not reveal information, despite a three-day pre-trial detention, with extensive interrogation. The police found no accurate information about this incident by Arif. According to bus driver, Arifi is the protagonist of this incident. In the second round, the Police Station Police of Mirzapur filed a ten-day pre-trial detention for further interrogation of Arif.

It should be noted that Shayuli Mirzapur worked as a worker in the Garhi Shilpanchal compit composite clothing factory. On 26 July, passengers came by bus to Charpara, the Dhaka-Tangail highway to go to the clothing factory. But accidentally the ID card home, he did not leave the bus and went home. Go home and take an ID card and stay on the road. But at the moment the bus stopped when Tilgai and Kaliakoir-Chandragami went to a passenger bus to stop the bus.

When he went to the bus, the miscreants tried to seduce Shiuli Begum. At one point, after he had reached the place of Bauer Kumarjani, he was thrown out of the bus.

The family killed during this incident made a GD at the police station. The police later began to register the case as a murder case.


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