Auto rickshaw from & # 39; hijacking & # 39; in Puthia, driver killed –

His body was found on Sunday in SRG Bazar area of ​​Bhalugaichi Union.

The deceased was identified as Jahangir Alam, 40, from the village of Ghandagohali under the upazila
The son of Rajab Ali.

After he had strangled him, he robbed his car
The idea was made to the police.

Puthia Police Station SI Bazlur Rahman quoted the family as follows
Said Jahangir Alam left the house with a van on Saturday afternoon. Not at night

"Local people in Kalabagan near the SRG market in the morning
See the body of the police. & # 39;

SI Bazlur said, Jahangir's long tunic ruptured
It is assumed that both hands and feet were strangled and strangled. His van
And the mobile phone is not found.

Rajshahi Medical College restored the body for autopsy
The hospital was sent to the mortuary.

The victim's wife, Shirina Begum, said: "Two of us
The family of four, including the girl. According to the knowledge, no one had hostility with my husband. she
Once people worked in the field of man. From evening to night, to spend the cost of education for two girls
Until the van worked. & # 39;

He said, as usual, he is on Saturday afternoon in the afternoon
At the end of the meal you leave the house with a van. Do not return home many nights
Often the telephone is closed by telephone.

Puthia Police Station OC Shakil Uddin Ahmed said,
The woman filed a murder case with the plaintiff. Only for hijacking
We also investigate whether there is another reason for killing or for another reason
He said.

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