Awami League one-eleven beneficiary: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary-General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said: "Our custom-made prime minister sees everywhere the misdeeds of the Zia family & # 39 ;. Fakhrul said: "How did he (Ziaur Rahman) and Begum Khaleda participate in the tragedy of 1975? You can not say something ridiculous, please stop so …

With the help of a military-like elf, is a conspiracy made by the BNP to bring an unelected government to power – Mirza Fakhrul said: "Obaidul Quader is a deadly terrorist said. He heard eleven elton tones. Yet you (Obaidul Quader) are in the government! Still not resign! The government listens to you and you hear eleven steps? & # 39;

Fakhrul said: & # 39; We should not forget one thing, one-eleven beneficiaries but this Awami League. & # 39; 1/11 The government was good for you. But why are you worried? In fact, you are completely isolated from the people.

BNP leader said in this connection: "Before the government of this Obaidul Quader government, before you went to the government, your leader (Sheikh Hasina) said before we went abroad that we have this government, this Fakhruddin. – Moinuddin will legalize all activities of the illegal government, he has passed the law in parliament. "

In a joint meeting organized by the Federal Federation of Journalists in Bangladesh and the Dhaka Union of Journalists in the National Press Club, said he did this. The meeting was organized as a protest against the attack on journalists in the movement of students who demanded a safe road in Dhaka.

The Secretary General of the BNP said that this fascist government takes a different view of each other. They say we provoke. Why should we provoke? We also say today that we fully support the movement for safe road demand. Not only that, we appeal to the requirement of safe Bangladesh to come together. Let's create a beautiful state for the people.

Among others were present in the rally – the founder of the Gana Health Center Dr. Jafarullah Chowdhury, chairman of the Nagarik unit Mahamudur Rahman Manna, BFUJ president Ruhul Amin Gazi, secretary general M Abdullah, president of the DUJ Kader Gani Chowdhury and secretary general Abdus Shahid.



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