Ban on renewable energy: Corruption rigging: Sultana Kamal –

In the national press club of the ongoing & # 39; overwhelming a revolution is running! Cent percent
He said this during a seminar entitled "Worldwide on the path of renewable energy".

Kamal said,
"" Irregularities, corruption and politics
The arbitrariness does not allow this sector to stand up. Our socio-cultural
And find the potential of political aspects. "

It is time to ensure that more use is made of renewable energy. The reason
It is not possible to destroy the environment such as coal and nuclear energy.

At the seminar
Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed said in the main guest: "Today almost every person
Efforts and stolen are seen in between …. corruption
We are the world's best in that situation. "

By the time of the National Grid 2400
Megawat had to come from renewable energy, but currently it is 33
Much more in megawatt
The information was given by Dhaka University
Professor of Geology Badrul Islam.

"The whole
Renewable energy for electricity generation in the world is the removal of coal-oil gas. our
Electricity production became popular in the remote areas of the country by installing solar panels
However, no major step has yet been taken at national level.

University economics
Professor MM Akash said: "We should reduce coal as much as possible by generating energy
Increase the use of renewable energy. "

At the seminar
The possibility of electricity generation using renewable energy and global conditions
Solar energy expert Sajid Kamal said that Sajid Kamal

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