Bangladesh is part of the Milanese Mela in Spain

Published: August 26, 2014, 09:38 Updated: August 26, 2009, 09:41

Eid reunion and the annual banquet "Chatgainia Picnic" was held with the people of Chittagong and the surrounding cities of Spain with the festival of Ananda. The Banquoze and Eid Reunion was held on the beach beach of Castilea Marina Marina in Valencia, Spain, created entirely naturally by the initiative of the Chittagong Association of Madrid, Spain. In the days of expats and their families, about 200 members of the expatriate and spontaneous participation of the expatriate people in Spain, it becomes a Milan Mela and one part of Chittagong.

Participants gathered in Glorious Ambitadores in Madrid and reached 4 destinations at 6 o'clock in the morning and reached 455 kilometers after 5 hours. CCCI Samity Madrid, President of Spain Kazi Enayetul Karim Tarek greets all those who participated in the Eid reunion and Chatgayei Pikni. He thanked everyone in his short speech and said that this arrangement was aimed at the bridge connection between the vast Chittagongites.

He urged the new generation of foreigners to introduce themselves to the culture of Bangladesh and to urge the country and abroad to remain united for the good of the country. Many foreigners, regardless of their identity, came to the sea and traveled to the coast to overcome the fatigue of busy life.

Journalist Zahidul Alam Masud, who took responsibility for microphone support in the bus during the long journey. Artists Lokman Hakim, Morshed Alam and Ramiz Uddin Sarker, while keeping the songs, comedy and funny puzzles.

In the presence of the Secretary General of Spain, Madrid, Syedul Alam Mamun, the presence was attended by the association of Valayanti Bangla, President Fazle Elahi, who secretary Ramiz Uddin Sarker, the Morshed Alam Taher of the Gazipur District Association, organized, secretary from Chittagong Association Kazi Parvez. , Alauddin Babul, Badrul Islam Millat, Lokman Hakim, Sarwar Hossain, women's rights activist Tania Sultana Jhorna, journalist Selim Alam, M. Amin and others.

This was the presence of women and children in sight. Participants have lunch on the beach. Everyone likes to eat Bengali and everyone is satisfied. Thanks to those who cooked, praised them. At the end of the meal they spend time swimming, swimming, playing and cultural competition in salt water.The evening comes to enjoy the daily beach beaches and banquets.During the festivities the participants thank the organizers for praising the rules and regulations.


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