Bank robbery by weapons in Dhaka –

Eid on Monday
The incident happened in the afternoon on the last day of the last working day, but it is known on Tuesday at the Badda
After the case was filed with the police station.

The police say that one person is the Badda connection of Premier Bank
After the robbery of money in the industry, with the CC camera DVRO (Digital Video Recorder)
Is gone.

Submitted to the police station on Tuesday
An accused has been accused in the case
Badda Police station Officer-in-charge Rafiqul Islam said.

He said: "One of the officers at the bank's headquarters filed a case, claiming that a man ransacked Tk 23 lakh by naming nine people for the weapon. & # 39;

According to bank bank staff, the OC said that during the transaction the person was initially in the manager's room
Go inside Then forced the workers to enter the vault by stopping the gun. Later, the cash register "Tk 23 lakh" removed from the counter.

"We brought two guards from the bank to the police station for questioning
They are quiet
Not arrested. We have doubts about the accusations. The entire incident will be investigated and investigated. "

In the meantime, the police police and the police have also started a shadow investigation, the ADC Mohammad of the Metropolitan Police Detective Branch of Dhaka. Shahjahan said.

He said: "An initial investigation revealed that the person had taken Tk 23 lakh in cash and CCTV footage from the bank Attempts to collect CC camera footage for different houses and roads next to the bank
To be ready

"Those who have witnessed the incident will try to identify the criminals by showing them these images." did not know the statement from the bank authorities about the incident.

Former Awami League
MP HMM Iqbal Premier Bank

The parliament of the ruling party
Member BH Haroon and businessman Abdus Salam Murshedi
The board of directors of this bank is there.

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