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College student freedom fighter Khatun (18), who was burnt by the fire of the opponent, died due to antagonism in Santhia in Pabna. He died on 9 November in the Burn Unit of the Medical College Hospital. Thana police arrested 24 people in this incident. Meanwhile, the family members said that they were victims of political vendetta.

The deceased was a daughter of freedom fighter Mozammel Haque Mozara from the village of Nagedemra and second-year student of the Pabna Edward College. In the ahajari in anticipation of the body of freedom, the air and the whole area became heavy.

Locals and Thana police sources said the dispute was underway in the village of Abdus Salam of the same village with the freedom fighter Mozammel Haque of Nagedemra village in Santhia upazila on the property of the water channel (open water). In the meantime, on July 31, there were a large number of incidents of violence, arson and riots between the two parties. Two separate cases were submitted to Santhia Police Station. In this case, both parties came on bail and attacked the house of freedom fighters, Mozammel Haque Moshar, a group of 30 to 40 people from Salam on 10 August 19. By noon, the attackers, without the male members of the freedom fighter, struck Mozammel Haque Mosaar, the petrol pile burned and attacked the Khulna-student (18) of the second-year student of Pabna Edward College, the student of Mozammel Haque Mozara. In this, all the bodies of the victims were burned. When the liberation was first brought to the Pabna Sadar hospital, the condition was immediately sent to the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. From there, the combustion unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital was admitted.

Mukti Khatun died on Monday night around 12:30, after 9 days after he was tortured to death. After hearing the news of his death, the shadow of mourning descended into the area. In the ahajari in anticipation of the body of freedom, the air and air of the whole area became heavy.

Muktijoddha Mozammel Haque Kana, the freedom fighter said in the voice: "I am the victim of political vigilance.
The older brother Nasir Uddin said that on Sunday morning he was handed over to the ICU at Dhaka Medical College Hospital in a critical condition. Two days after Life Support, on Monday evening at noon, the release left the earth.

Santhia Upazila Executive Officer Jahangir Alam confirmed the death of Mukti Khatun on Monday evening at 12.30.

Sathia Police Station OC (investigation) Abdul Majid said that 24 suspect defendants have been arrested in connection with the incident. The police have been deployed throughout the area to maintain order. The declaration of the death of death was recorded.

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