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Students from Rashtriya Sheikh Hasina Hall of the Islamic University protested outside the hall at midnight because of a serious water crisis. On Tuesday (September 19) they protested at around 21:30 for the Hall Gate.

Then prof.dr. Prof. dr. Mizanur Rahman went to the spot and ensured the permanent solution of the water on Wednesday evening.

Hall sources said, around 9.30 pm, students from the university's famous Sheikh Hasina Hall opened the main gate of the hall and took the position in front. At that time they demanded a permanent solution of the water by blocking the gate.

The students claim that the water crisis for a long two months. The issue is reported by the authorities, but they do not solve it. The water crisis has become more acute this past week. They have two hours of water that does not end their daily work. They had to come to the hall halfway through the night. Our movement is not against provost. They want permanent solution of the water crisis.

On-site assistant assistant professor Professor Nasimuzzaman came and tried to normalize the situation. Apart from the student representatives, the general secretary of the Chhatra League General Jewel Rana Halim, the student Maitri President Morshed Habib and the leaders of Student Union were present.

When the Provost Professor dr. Mizanur Rahman came from the city of Jhenaidah. On Wednesday evening he assured the regular students of the provost students that they would be assured of a permanent establishment in the evening. On the 12th of the provost's insurance, the students returned.

Sumaiya Parvin Antara, a student student at Hall (Old Block), said: "The problem of water is not new to our block, I have been told to the administration on several occasions, and the administration has not taken any action, so many girls are already drinking long water problems He said, sometimes the available water is dirty, which is not suitable for use Many people suffer from allergic problems with this water.

The administration's claim, the authorities are working on solving the water problem. The waterline has been cracked somewhere. It was not found in the last two days. It took a while because there was no expert in engineering.

Provostprofessor of the prime minister of the country Sheikh Hasina. Mizanur Rahman said: "Tomorrow (today Wednesday) will work in the morning and hopefully the water crisis will be resolved.

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