Dhaka Medical College Hospital darkened Tk 60 lakh

File image Dhaka Medical College (DMCH) department of the hospital's emergency department is not thrown into their own pocket as a government Ena some employees of the company. 009 between 013 and they have darkened more than 60 million.

The findings were based on an investigation by the Commission against corruption (ACC).

According to the report, responsible for the emergency department of the DMCH hospital (dismissed) Azizul Haque Bhuiyan (currently attached to the administrative department), 8,368,668 received tickets from the emergency department and 81 lakhs sold 75 thousand 585 rupees. Later he deposited Tk 66 lakh and 15 thousand 930 in the public sector for the sale of these tickets, but did not deposit the remaining 15 lakh 59 thousand 655.

On the other hand, he repaired 38 lakh 38 thousand and 227 patients in the emergency department. Of these, 23 lakh 47 thousand and 271 taka were deposited in the government's treasury. He has not deposited Tk 14 lakh 90 thousand 946 here either. According to the report, Azizul Haque has misappropriated and related insights from the two sectors without transferring the amount of Tk 30 lakh 50 thousand 601 into the government's treasury.

In 2011, audit objections were raised about the misappropriation of money. Later two research committees of the hospital submitted the report about the embezzlement.
Former assistant assistant director of the hospital and cashier Shahjahan sold 15 thousand tickets from 2009 to 2010, while he worked in the emergency department. The government did not take 1.5 million of the tickets, but did not deposit the money in the public sector and disproportionately the whole money was blacked out.

Also the former MLSS Md. Abu Hanif Bhuiyan eclipsed Tk 200,000 from 28 thousand taka from 2009 to 2010.
Office of the emergency department said. Harun Rashid said that the sale of 1,15,000 tickets in 2009-10 to 2012-2013 darkened 11 lakh 50 thousand and found that it was darkened.
Former MLSS, currently cashier Alamgir Hossain has sold 28,000 tickets from 2010 to 2012 and darkened Tk.

According to the ACC report, former MLSS and currently assistant assistant computer operator Md. Abdul Baten Sarkar darkened 10 lakh rupees by selling 1 lakh tickets from 2009 to 2010 during his tenure as emergency aid.

In this way, the information was found in the search, according to the six employees who obscured a total of 59 million 10 thousand 601 rupees. ACC Deputy Assistant Director Nurul Islam recently submitted the report to the ACC. With a view to his report, the committee allowed the case to be presented in this case.
ACC Deputy Director (Public Relations) Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya confirmed the issue in the first light. He said that six cases against six people will soon be filed.

According to ACC sources, there is no evidence for the same accusations against Cox's Bazar General Hospital, Bandarban General Hospital, Netrokona Sadar Hospital, Jessore 50 Bed Hospital Hospital and Bogra Mohammad Ali Hospital. That is why these complaints are recommended.

However, research is in progress at the Chittagong Medical College Hospital, the Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital, the Matuwail Child Maternal Health Institute and the emergency department of the Rangpur Sadar Hospital. The ACC said that the documents will be submitted from these hospitals, after the interrogation of those involved and the assessment will be submitted.

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