Fakhrul was invited by UN Secretary-General: Moudud

BNP Standing Commissioner Barrister Moudud Ahmed spoke at a discussion organized by the Bangladesh Youth Forum on Friday in the National Press Club in the capital. Photo: NTV

BNP member of the standing committee Commissioner Moudud Ahmed said the government is scared, jealous and embarrassed because BNP secretary-general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is in New York at the invitation of the UN secretary-general.

Moudud said this at a discussion organized by the Bangladesh Youth Forum in the National Press Club on Friday afternoon to stop the interference of the government and the judiciary and to form a non-part-neutral government.

The BNP leader said: "Mirza Fakhrul went to the United Nations to emphasize the current situation of the country, and the ruling government is terrified, jealous and ashamed, our secretary general did not want to go there, he invited the secretary-general. from the United Nations.

Referring to Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader's statement that BNP Secretary General went to New York to complain, Moudud Ahmed said: "Our Secretary-General did not go to the UN to complain, he went to see the actual Situation in Bangladesh He presents the real situation in which the current situation prevails in Bangladesh, without any reason, the attacks, cases and disappearances of opposition leaders. & # 39;

The former minister said: & # 39; The purpose of this government is very bad. They do not want a fair election under any circumstances. Awami League still thinks that it will once again come to power in a party like January 5, 2014. But this is their nightmare, which is not possible in any way. Because the repeat of 2014 will no longer be in the country.

Moudud Ahmed also said: "Whatever the speech, the government will be forced to conduct a dialogue." We are trying to unite the nation. We have made great progress in that process. If the government does not conduct a dialogue, they receive an answer on the street. Such a situation will be created through strict programs, the government will be forced to take appropriate measures through dialogue. "

The former minister said: & # 39; There will be no unraveling of the national unity. There will be national unity. All parties, except the ruling party of today, will agree that the elections must take place under a neutral government.

Organizer of the organization Said Ahmed Aslam was chairman of the meeting and chairman of the organization Saidur Rahman, during the meeting, vice-chairman of the bank. AZM Zahid Hossain, the joint secretary general Khairul Kabir Khokan, Jatiya Party (Jafar) Presidium member Ahsan Habib Lincoln spoke on that occasion.

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