Fighting the fire from the plastic factory in Lalbagh

The fire in the plastic godown in the Lalbagh Alirhat of the city came under control. Fire brigade 15 units of the two-hour unit, on Thursday one and a half fire risk came under control. The fire started around 11:30 PM. At the beginning of the news 7 and later 8 units were sent to the site and the fire brigade.

Asked about this, said the district attorney Mahfuz Rebin, the fire department and civil defense. Fire department will investigate the fire incident. Locals said the nearby houses and shops in Godown were burned to the fire.

They said there was a huge supply of plastic in Godown. From here, plastics were offered in different stores. There was no one inside because there was a public holiday. Godown was closed. Meanwhile, the electrical connections in Lalbagh, Islambagh, Alirghat area were broken after the fire.
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