Fire at Meghna oil depot in Khulna

Khulna: Two workers were killed in a fire in Meghna oil depot in Khalishpur in the city of Khulna. In addition, at least 15 people were seriously injured. The seriously injured were admitted to Khulna Medical College Hospital.

The incident took place on Tuesday (August 20) around 11 o'clock in the morning. Later, five units of fire brigade were able to bring the fire under great efforts. The rescue operation is under way.

Former Secretary General of the Tanglari Association, Mohammad Enam Munshi, said the fire broke out when petrol and gas were loaded together in the Tanglia. A large number of employees worked in the reserved area. At this moment the horror of the fire of the flame of Lilhana covers the whole area. 12 to 15 workers were burned. Two workers of Raju and Kamal died in the fire on the spot. In addition, 9 people were rescued and admitted to the Khulna Medical College Hospital.

It is known that five units of Khulna Sadar office, Khalishpur and Daulatpur fire brigade and some engine teams were found in the news of the fire.

The local population tried to keep the fire under control. The fire had suffered enormous damage before. Fire brigade employees could not report the loss of damage in the first instance.

Doctors in the Khmek hospital said that more than half of the body of the burned workers had been burned. I can not say anything at this moment; The number of victims can increase further.

It can be mentioned that on 11 April 2017 the Khalishpur Meghna oil depot area of ​​the city is located

A fire took place in a house. In this incident, three kangaras & kitchens have burned down the loss of 4 million rupees.

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