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A woman has been accused of raping a moving woman in the moving bus in Tangail. The rape & # 39; -incident occurred on Thursday evening. Tangail's sensational Rupa does not go around in the year of gang rape and murder and there is another gang rape in the moving bus.

The bus assistant assistant Nazmul (22) was arrested in this incident. Buschef Bishu, driver Alam is going into hiding.

Officer-in-charge of Bangabandhu bridge East police station Mosharraf Hossain said that a passenger bus that had departed from Tangail headed for the bus stop of the Bangabandhu bridge to the east. All passengers, except for a teenager, have gone to their destination. The driver of this bus, supervisor and assistant team raped the girl. The police patrolled on the highway, chased the teenager and chased the bus. Later, on the way to the bus station of the Bangabandhu bridge, the police managed to catch the assistant of the bus. The remaining two fled.

Mosharraf Hossain said that he had saved the girl and kept the police in custody. The idea is that the intellect can be turned off if the girl can not say her name and address.

OC further said that on Friday morning Sub-Inspector Bangla of the East Bengal police station SI Nur Alam filed a case with the claimant. Assistant Nazmul of the arrested bus was sent to the court of Tangail. He gave confession in the courtroom.

The girl is currently undergoing treatment at the Tangail Sadar hospital, the policeman said.

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