In the absence of misrule and dictatorship, people do not enjoy the Eid. Rizvi

In the absence of misrule and dictatorship, people do not enjoy the Eid. Rizvi

Online Reporter BNP senior general secretary Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed said: "A day later, Eidul Azha Eid means festival, eid means happiness But there is no joy in the minds of people. The gruesome setbacks and dictatorship of the country are being attacked and the whole nation is worried about panic.

He said this on Monday during a press conference at BNP's headquarters in the capital Nayapaltan.

Rizvi said that people in illegal corruption in the government, money laundering, looting, Chandabaji, the occupation of people are very limited. People are scared because of the price increases. The housing market has increased and the prices for gas and electricity have increased. People of middle class and low middle class people struggle to meet daily expenses. In the meantime, there are panic attacks, including seizures.

He said: "Only a few Awami politicians can consider themselves safe, but most political leaders of the party, the people of the country, the teachers, the journalists, the professionals, the students of the university, the soft students are Now attacked by several government forces, wounded So far, the process of repression and repression, including murder, murder and extrajudicial killings, continued in the name of prosecution, sexual assault, imprisonment, torture, kidnapping, detention of law enforcers, and so on alone BNP and opposition leaders Now the ordinary people are not spared for this & # 39;

BNP Senior Secretary General said: "Students protest against fair and honest participation by participating in a fair and rational movement, they are now trapped and are now in jail." Although some students were bailed today, many are still innocent. students in prison, the sword of false things hanging on their heads Kota reformist leaders and activists did not agree with the bail The air in Ahazari and the tears of them and their parents became heavy The guards could not pay bail from one police station to another police station, from another court The prosecutors are uncertain about the incident of filing a case against thousands of people mentioned in the anonymous name.

Rizvi said: & # 39; What is a fair move like students? What is the crime against wrongdoing? Is it justified to attack the students by chasing cadres of armed armed armed helmets with blood? Awami frameworks to take legal action? Why is not the case in their name! Why they are not arrested! Why not take them into custody! Why they are not in prison now! It seems that the government's frameworks were publicly licensed for violent terrorism. That is why they are above the law. That's why the prime minister went to the hospital to see her own party cadre. But he did not have time to visit the injured students and journalists!

All Khaleda Zia and all students who have been arrested in the Rajbondi, Safe Road Movement and Quota Reform Movement and Dr. Shahidul Alam, along with all the artists claimed liberation.

The advisor to BNP, Habibur Rahman Habib, was present at the press conference. Munir Hossain, as well as publicity secretary Asadul Karim Shaheen, member of the Aminul Islam Executive Committee were also present.

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