Jiji Haedid does Eid with her boyfriend

The popular American model Jiji Hadid celebrates Eidul Azha with a loved one. His love is deep with friend pop star Zain Malik. Their love has been going on since 2015. However, in March of this year she fell in love. The separation took place for a while. But within a few weeks the couple will come back. Islam is one of the holiest days of religious tradition.

The fashion model in the US Social Media has shared a nice photo on Instagram. Not only Zeni, but her younger sister Waliia Azad has also been with Jiji in Eid. Waliya posted a photo, but Zain did not post a picture.

Jiji and his model sister, the father and mother of Bella Hadid, former Youthanda Hadi Mohammed Haedd, a businessman from Palestine. Jiji and her sister are not confronted with many religious beliefs. News Hindustan Times

In an interview with the Porter magazine last year, Bela Hadid said that her father was religious and always prayed with them. I am proud as a Muslim & # 39 ;, said Bella.

Sea-lover Zain said in an interview with the London Evening Standard: "Although I grew up with the Islamic faith, I do not practice religion at all, it will always be in me and I can add myself to that culture very much. I I do not want to define myself with religion or cultural background. & # 39;

Last week American model Jiji Hadid came to Bangladesh at the invitation of UNICEF. He spent some time with the children in the Jamtali Rohingya camp in Cox & # 39; s Bazar. Unicef ​​drinks at the Rohingya camp: working on improved drainage systems, drinking water and education. At that time, Jiji posted photos on Instagram with photos from Rohingya children.

Jiji Hadid has participated in various activities with UNICEF for the well-being of Rohingya children. He is also involved in a number of other programs, including good sanitation, drinking water, development of mental health, primary care and education for children.

Jiji Hadid was modeling only two years ago. Then he started working in the children's department of Ges, an American clothing factory. In 2013, the international model organization IMG was signed. His name was in November 2014 in the list with 50 best known for the names of Models.com. In 2016, the name of the 23-year-old star is announced as the International Fashion Model of the British Fashion Council.

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