Khagrachari Halfway the road blockade is going on

Without any picketing, the UPDF-supported organization with three hills called Khagrachari half way through blockade. In protest against the murder of six people, including three leaders of the UPDF who were self-reliant in the Khagrachari self-government, Hill Students Council, Hill Women Federation and Democratic Youth Forum, they called for the blockade.

Because the blockade started on Monday from 6 am, there was no distance from the Khagrachari district to Dhaka and Chittagong. Nightly coaches who had left from Dhaka, however, were seen after Khavrachari after 8:00 on Monday after the police.

In the district and upazila cities, the carickshaws powered by Tomato and CNG were limited, but the traffic movement on the internal road was closed.

Meanwhile, on Khagrachari, half a day on the day of Hats, customers from distant customers and vendors were seen on the market. After the blockade of the halfway road, the office bearers had to become excessive.

Additional police units have been deployed in more than one location, including the self-reliant, Chengi Square, bus terminal, Chengie bridge and fire department in the city, fearing any sabotage during the road blockade. Just as the security forces have been strengthened.

The blockade, however, began this morning until the report was written, there was no news that you had to post something, including the city of Khagrachari.

Khagrachhari Extra Chief Inspector of Police MM Salah Uddin said that the law enforcement agencies in various upazilas, including the district, are in a cautious position. There have been no unpleasant incidents so far, he said.

On the other hand, six people were killed by the United People & # 39; s Democratic Front (UPDF), three leaders in a gunfight in the Khagrachari Swanirvar area on Saturday. In addition, another person died in the demonstration procession on Saturday afternoon. Today, on Monday, protested against the incident on the roadblock, three organizations supported by UPDF.

Mujibur Rahman Bhuiyan / FA / JIM

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