Khaleda urged the ballot box to free the movement: Fakhrul

But at a press conference on Tuesday, what kind of program is coming,
It did not clarify the secretary general of BNP Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

In the case of corruption case Zia Orphanage Trust, now a penalty of five years
BNP chairman Khaleda Zia is in prison

Non-partisan government claims when participating in eleven parliamentary elections
Now the BNP chairman has also added the conditions for the release of the chairman and the dialogue
They're going to tell the government.

But the ruling Awami League does not demand a BNP question. They are
The question is asked about the capacity of the movement of GNP.

Fakhrul said: "We have demanded the liberation from the leader of the land, Begum Khaleda Zia
The program continues. The program continues every day. Again the program comes and it is strengthened
The program is coming. "

Khaleda Zia, on February 8, before he went into prison, the systematic
Party leaders told us to continue the program. Then the human chain, the location program,
Programs such as public order are celebrated; Although grassroots leaders of the Jorol program
There are expectations.

What can be a strong program and from when – about the issue of journalists
Fakhrul said: "You will see strong programs at the right time, how the program comes,
You will be able to see at the right time. "

The preparations are scheduled for eleventh parliamentary elections in December
Election Commission Will the BNP boycott the 10th parliamentary elections, participate in the upcoming elections?
No, it is still uncertain.

Asked about the BNP strategy for the elections, Fakhrul said,
"We are clear, we have to release our leader, this is our first

"Then I said that to make the selection, the environment should be created.
There must be a neutral government during the elections. Electoral Committee will be reconstituted,
Parliament must be broken and all parties must have equal opportunities. At the same time during the elections
The army must be deployed. "

The leaders of the Awami League say that Khaleda's liberation is completely in court
Jurisdiction, the government has nothing to do with it. And there is no impartial government system in the constitution
There is no room to bring it. The government recommended the EC to discuss the deployment of the army
Consider the decision.

What is the challenge of elections to the BNP in this situation – ask questions
Fakhrul said: "The challenge is the Awami League, whose challenge is the people of the country
Do not vote for them. All kinds of evil are there for
The evil has started Do not bring EVM? We have said that EVM does not work.
We can hear more, the police are told everything
Leaders workers will be arrested.

"If you want to make the selection for free
Was selected. The challenge is for them
They can not prevent people? How to prevent? They have to take on that challenge. "

BNP has demanded that the anger against the government accumulate
The Secretary General said: "You have seen it, they are stuck in a few incidents.

"The people of the country will not accept this crime." People of Bangladesh
It will turn out and be defeated. "

The role of the mass media anger

On 21 August, the BNP took their position in the grenade attack
The anger that led to the press conference claimed that the media had given less importance
According to Mirza Fakhrul.

He said: "We did a briefing on this subject yesterday, unfortunately
Today we see that not much has been given in the print media. Why is it given?
No? An important thing, that is an important thing, a group
Acting President is involved.

"Where we present it with all information data.
Unfortunately, we also record these problems in the newspaper without 2/1 magazine
Not recorded. "

On August 21, 2004 Sheikh Hasina was attacked by grenade attacks
In the case of the assassination attempt, the lawsuit is responsible for the responsible BNP leaders
Awami League leaders give speeches.

In response, the party leader said several questions regarding the matter related to the case
BNP has organized a press conference Monday for the innocence of Tarique Rahman.

To their news & # 39; less important & # 39; to make in the media, the government
The Secretary General of BNP also believes that the impact has been affected.

He said: "because we know that you have to be prevented from behind
Has been there. From behind it has been said that it can not be given in this way, it can not be granted.
It has been said that it can not be printed in this way. Because the fascist one-party state is, it is
You're upsetting. & # 39;

On August 21 the case of Abdul Kahar Akon was completed in the supplementary investigation
Fakhrul raises the question; Tareq Rahman in the study added to the list of suspect in this case
Has been there.

The suspects in the case are militant leaders
Torture of Mufti Abdul Hannan and his involvement with Tarique Rahman
Fakhrul claimed that confession had been made.

"Later, the person who had withdrawn the confession was later withdrawn.
You have not given him his last legal right. For that in another case hanging in the wood
Hung up. "

Fakhrul said: "Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has two figures in this case
Witness, he did not go to witness. Why not go? That he is in subzel
He gave the statement, he again Tarique Rahman or Begum Khaleda Zia
Has not talked Today, she says (Sheikh Hasina) again, Begum Zia is also involved. "

With the leaders of the association organization at the central office of Naya Paltan
Fakhrul came to the press conference after a joint session.

He was accompanied by Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal,
Khairul Kabir Khokan, Abdus Salam Azad, Asadul Karim Shaheen, Abdul Awal Khan, Mir
Newaz Ali Newaz, Belal Ahmed and others.

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