Killing the schiller worker by killing the Korbanis in Mehendiganj

Barazal & # 39; s Mehendiganj Upazila in Kazirhat Police Station, Ratanpur, a Baraz (drinking) laborer named Alle Gharami (40) was killed with animal sacrifices. Two people were arrested in this incident. The son of Majid Gharami in the Ratanpur area of ​​the area was killed by ally Gharami.

In addition, five more were injured in the incident. They were admitted to the academic hospital of Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College (Seabache).

This incident happened in front of the house of Alle Gharami (Oliul Gharami), around 8.30 am on Wednesday. Later, around 12:30, the emergency room of Dr. Barisal told Sher-E-Bangla Medical College Hospital. Das Rabbeer declared Alle Gharami dead.

The brother of the victim, Ripon Ghorami, said that there was a dispute beforehand with the relatives of Shah Alam Gharami. In the morning, after seeing the al-Gharimi prayers in the morning, Shah Alam Gharimis were preparing to sacrifice animals near the Pukur Ghat. But after bathing there, he asked the people of Shah Alam Gharami to slaughter the sacrificial animals elsewhere.

At that time they became angry and Gharami stayed on fire from the back by slaughtering the cow. The bones of the spinal cord were separated from it. His brother Humayun Gharami (28), Kamal Hossain Gharami (30), Md. Masud (25), Shahgid Hossain (24) and Alamgir Hossain (44) were seriously injured.

Kazirhat Thana Officer-in-Charge (OC) said. Harun or Rashid said, All Gharami and Shah Alam Gharami, as well as the residents of the house and relatives of each other. The gates are paved for their home. In the morning al-Gharami faced Shah Alam Gharami in the morning about the sacrifice of animal sacrifices near that ghat. At one point they collided on both sides. In the incident, several wounded and Gharami allies were killed during the incident.

Ward Master Abul Kalam said that the body of the deceased was sent to the shelter of the hospital for protection and autopsy.

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