Lakho Muslims in Eid Jamaat –

Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated on Wednesday in Bangladesh because he has called him
Azha, the largest religious festival of Muslims, is known in Bangladesh as the Eid

It is possible to show rain in the capital in the morning of Eid
The weather office; There was somewhere in the air somewhere in the night after the light rain
Cloudy. But during the Eid prayers there was no reason for rain.

Chairman. Abdul Hamid, the judge of the Supreme Court,
Cabinet members, MPs, politicians alongside senior government officials,
All people, including academics, professionals, are part of the main congregation in the National Eidgah at 8:00
Take it.

Imam al-Imam Mufti was present at the mosque of the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque
Maulana Mohammad Ehsanul Haque After the prayers, the Muslim Ummah of the whole world including Bangladesh including Bangladesh
He prayed for peace and prosperity.

Now all Eid-ul-Jamaat was surrounded by strict security measures. Who
Eid came to take part in Jamaat, they have to go through the search.

Except for nothing except zenana and umbrella, so do not take anyone,
The police warned everyone about it. There was always a national eidgah among women
Separate arrangement of prayer

Baitul Mukarram is from 7:00 to 5 Jamaat
Is organized. Matte and the road beyond the borders of the mosque and Eidgah
Many people have been seen to participate in prayer prayers in Salat.

Two rakat-wajib prayers and prayers in every church
Everyone took part in the prayer so that the establishment of the brotherhood of the world Muslim and Muslims
Progress and prosperity are desirable.

Share the joy of Eid with each other
Everyone ko kulakuli; Join the house and organize the animal sacrifice.

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