Life imprisonment reduced by 2 years

The suspects are – Farhad
Khan & cousin Nazimuzzaman Yun and his friend Raju Ahmed

Justice Md. ruhul
The High Court bench of Kuddus and Justice ASM Abdul Mabin issued the verdict on Tuesday.

On October 11 is the death penalty
Appeal against the accused and their death referrals (approval of the death penalty
Before anesthesia) after hearing the court on Tuesday for the verdict.

In the case of the state
The lawyer was deputy attorney general Moniruzzaman Rubel and assistant attorney general
Abul Kalam Azad Khan

Accused Yun and Raju
Lawyer Mansurul Haque Chowdhury, Abdul Matin Khasru, Ahsan Ullah and Subrata Saha were in favor.

Deputy Attorney General
Moniruzzaman Rubel told "The accused accused of organizing the murder
Yun and his friend Raju were between 20 and 21 years old, that is, they were young teenagers.

"So proof of crime
After the court gave the court their life and death instead of the death penalty given their age and time.
We will appeal against this judgment. & # 39;

He also said: "Police
An investigation has been given to the chief. That is, the mobile phone from Farhad Khan
According to the calllist, a young man named Shafiqul Islam Sujon (18) was arrested by RAB-3.
He was released after the police station.

"About this young man
There is nothing mentioned in the specifications. Why was he caught or why he was released or whoever?
The police chief was asked to inquire whether the case was involved. & # 39;

January 28, 2011
Farhad Khan and his wife Rahima Khanam were killed in a rented house in Nayapaltan. The bedroom of the police house
The couple's body has been restored.

Then Farhad Khan was there
Senior deputy secretary of the Daily Janak On the day of the murder his younger brother Abdus Samad was present the same day
Khan filed a murder trial in which the Paltan police station accused unknown persons.

Immediately after the case, the Paltan
Police SI Sub Inspector Zillur Rahman started the investigation. The incident is difficult after the investigation
The charges are given to detectives

Immediately after the incident the accused accused
The police arrested Yunus. Later Raju was arrested on the basis of his confession
Is. Raju acknowledged responsibility for the incident and confessed to the court's confession.

The deposition of the accused
Get mobile phone from journalist Farhad Khan, money, gold jewelry, bloody clothes
The police recovered two knives and two knives that were used at the kill.

February 28, 2012
The court made an indictment against the accused. 49 people were designated as witnesses in the complaint. their
33 people were investigated by the court.

On 10 October 2012,
3 fast lawsuit against the tribunal of Farhad Khan, Nazimuzzaman Yun and
His friend Raju Ahmed was sentenced to death.

Approval of this death penalty
A referral to the High Court is sent before death. At the same time, the accused appealed.

Profession and profession on 7 August
The hearing of the death penalty began. The hearing of the paperbook of the case, the claim,
The accused person, making statements from witnesses and ruling by the lower court,

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