Lopa-snow bail awarded, Lumar hearing on Monday

Published: August 27, 01:51, 01:51 Updated: August 27, 01:54, 01:54

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Touhidul Islam Tushar, the student businessman arrested in the aftermath of the uprising during the safe road movement, student student businessman Chowdhury Lopa and Kota reform movement student received bail. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court granted their bail on Sunday (August 26).

In addition, the hearing with the Joint Convenor of the Kota Reform movement and the student of Eden College, Lutfunnahar Lumar, opened the court on Monday.

Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Subrata Ghosh pays Tushar on Sunday. The lawyers of the state lawyers oppose the bail. The court granted bail to both parties after hearing the statement.

But in the same case Lumen bail is delayed. At one of the hearings of his bail, the lawyers appealed to the court to hold the hearing on Monday for further hearing. In this context, his bail will take place today. 65 students received a bail in two phases.

Meanwhile, Awami League office has received Lapsa bail in three cases of vandalism in the movement that requires a safe road. On Sunday, Loppa lawyers asked for bail in the CMM Court of Dhaka. Prosecutor SI Mikbulur Rahman was against bail. CMM Saifuzzaman Hero from Dhaka deposit to Taka 10 thousand after hearing from both parties. The prosecution case was led by the former president of the Dhaka Bar Association Mohsin Mia, HM Masum and various lawyers.

Lawyers in court said, the name of the case of the three cases is not mentioned. The plaintiff did not behave in a suspicious way. The police still arrested him from the road and he was arrested in the cases. Although he was taken away two days in advance, there is no information. Given the human perspective, they apply for bail.
On the other hand, the prosecutor said, the defendants gave important information about the pre-trial detention. This information is viewed critically. So he must be kept in prison without bail.

On the other hand, 99 people were arrested in 52 cases on charges of clash, vandalism, provocative and police work during the movement that demanded a safe road. Of them, 51 students were released on bail. On the other hand, all students, including Lutfunnahar Luma, who were associated with the Kota Reform Movement, were released on bail.


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