Man kills woman in Cox & # 39; s Bazar Latest BD news

A woman died in the intense meeting of her husband in Pahartali in the municipality of Cox & # 39; s Bazar. The woman, who was shot in the city on Saturday in a private hospital, died on Saturday.

On Friday morning the man shot him in the rented house in the Halimghona district in West Pahartali in the municipality.

The deceased was identified as Rozina Akter, 28, wife of Mohammad Shafi from the Kachpia Pahartali pond area in Cox & # 39; s Bazar and tenant of Halimghona in West Pahartali. Shafi & # 39; s daughter. They have a daughter in a married life. Besides Rozina, Shafi also has two other women, local sources said.

Rozina's father Shafi said, Rozina and Shafi are married after 6-7 years ago. They had a happy family for a year after the marriage. At this moment they came to their bosom in a house. And then, because of their family, there were many fusss without reason. In the meantime, her husband Shafi married more. Two years ago they were separated after the conflict reached the extremist level. But a few days ago, Shafi and Rozina were contacted again. As a result, the Imam of the Halimghona mosque recently recaptured the help of the local population. Then the house of Shafi Rozina was almost time. It is not known why there was a fuss between them when Shafi went to his house on Friday night. But in the morning Shafi fled after a few bullets from Rozina.

Later Rozina was rescued and transferred to the hospital of Cox & # 39; s Bazar Sadar. From there he was referred to the Chittagong Medical College Hospital (Chemek). But because of the financial crisis, he was transferred to Cox's Bazar Cox National Hospital without bringing him to the hospital. There he was treated and was treated there by his injuries. During the treatment, Rozina died around 12.30 on Saturday evening.

Local (Ward No. 7) Councilor of the Municipality of Cox & # 39; s Bazar, Ashraful Huda Siddiqui Jamshed said, after the divorce, I did the arbitration of Shafi-Rozina on various issues, including monthly food. The decision to pay the child monthly costs has been resolved. But why is there a fight and how does Shafi return to Rosina's home and do not know. But Shafi knew he had been shot. Rozina is very poor.

Local sources said that Shafi's contact with the crime world was long. He has many modern weapons illegal. Moreover, he has been involved with Yaba for several years. Some of them are very well married. He gave away the costs of local newspapers to manage the administration. Some delegates of influential private satellite television hold hands. Shafi had an undisturbed yaba affair with them. After a year, Tabligha went to Jamat to make the fool complete and the sadhu movement began with a bearded face.

Officer-in-charge of Cox & # 39; s Bazar Sadar police station Farid Uddin Khandker confirmed the incident and said he came to Halimapara to visit the victim's site. Efforts are being made to investigate the case and efforts are being made to restore illegal weapons and arrest the murderer. The body was found in the mortuary of the hospital of Cox & # 39; s Bazar Sadar. / B.

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