Mayor insists to sacrifice animals at planned places The capital

Calling sacrificial animals at the planned place, the mayor of Dhaka City Corporation (DSCC) Mohammad Said Khokan has called the city dwellers to sacrifice the animals at the planned location of the mayor

. He said: & # 39; Ask offerings to you, sacrifice animals at planned places. Then it will be easy to remove waste. "

The mayor called for the exchange of views with the officials involved, including cleaning workers at the city's building on Sunday.There are currently 602 places reserved for slaughtering animals in the Dhaka South City Corporation.

By announcing the disposal of waste from the capital within 24 hours after the animal sacrifice, the mayor said: "The animals have been removed for the past three years. With the help of your help, it will be possible to also remove waste during the time period. & # 39;

City Corporation said that 22,000 tons of animal waste were stored in Eid-ul-Fitr in the year of Korbani.

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