Meghna oil depot in Khulna, 2 dead

Fire brigade works on controlling the fire on the oil depot. Three tankers were burned to the fire. Photo: NTV

Two people were killed and 10 others were injured in Meghna Petroleum fuel oil fire in Khulna. Five of the injured were in critical condition. Three tankers were burned to the fire.

Today the fire is on the depot on Monday in Khalishpur. Five of the injured were in critical condition. Blood is needed for the wounded. Collecting blood through microphones in the area.

One of the dead was called Kamal. He is a worker of Meghna Petroleum. The other is called Raju Ahmed. He is a tanker helper.

Assistant general manager of Meghna Petroleum Khulna SM Abdullah said the oil supply is still available from three delivery points. Suddenly there is a fire in the gas supply points at 10:40 am. Three tankers were burned at three points in the moment. Meghna Kamal Kamal and Tankler & # 39; s helper Raju Ahmed died on the spot.

At that time, 10 people were injured. Seven of the wounded are hospitalized at Khulna Medical College and Hospital. SM Abdullah claimed that taking direct action through their own firefighting system did not cause major damage.

But firefighters set firefighters on fire. Director Rezaul Karim of the Fire Department said: "We came right on the spot after receiving the news Our four units are working together Before the terrible situation we were able to control the fire Two people were found dead on the spot.

Rezaul Karim said: "There are three tank fire There is a possibility of explosion in the tank fire But we did not let it happen For two hours we chilled with water so that there is no problem later The fire is completely replace. & # 39;

Fire safety takes the time to fire because of safety. Rezaul Karim said that the cause of the fire will be known after he has gone there.

Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP), Deputy Commissioner Jahangir Hossain, said: "Three trucks were set on fire, two died in the fire, the trucks were also scorched with fire, initially due to mechanical errors. After searching we can find the real reason. & # 39;

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