No dialogue with grenade attackers: Obaidul Quader

Road transport and labor Minister Obaidul Quader said this during a meeting in protest of the bomb attack on 21 August at the municipality of Kabirhat in Zero Point of Noakhali. Photo: NTV

Awami League Secretary General Obaidul Quader said that there will be no dialogue with grenade attackers in any way.

Today, at 16:00 on Tuesday afternoon at Noakhali's Zero Point in Kabirhat, protesting against the bomb attack on 21 August, this was said by Road Transport and Stumulanti.

During this time, the minister, BNP leaders, complained in the building and planned a grenade attack on August 21st.

BNP's permanent member Barrister Moudud Ahmed claimed that the students created anarchy by challenging students.

The general secretary of the Awami League said that BNP blocked the way of the dialogue through its activities.

Local MP Ekramul Karim and other party leaders were present in the rally.

On 21 August 2004, during the final phase of the opposition leader's speech and the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital, the anti-terrorism trally of the Awami League was organized in a demonized grenade attack.

Some of Awami League's top residents, including Sheikh Hasina, were killed for several days, but 24 people, including Ivy Rahman, were killed during the attack. In addition, five hundred party leaders and activists were injured. Many of the wounded have been paralyzed forever. Some of them have not returned to normal life.

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