OI & # 39; s wife is accused of assault against SI!

The wife of Police OC has been accused of sexual harassment against a police under-inspector. This incident took place in Rajshahi on Monday evening. The accused SI is called Masud Rana. He worked at Boalia's police station.

OC & # 39; s wife was shopping at this cosmetic store in Rajshahi's RDA market Monday. In the meantime, SI Masud Rana was disturbed by his cough. The woman protested: "Why are you standing around my body time and time again? Why are you bothering me?

In response, SI Masood Rana said: "Is this your place? At one point the woman said to him: & I know who I am? & # 39; In response, SI Masud Rana said: "I wrote the police in my body. Your body is not written.

The wife of the victim is the wife of OC of a police station. The woman claimed that she behaved indecently with her. His police officer complained to the OC of the Swati Boalia police station.

The woman then revealed the identity of her husband. Immediately after leaving Masud Rana there

Masood Rana said: "There is something good, I am ashamed of the matter, pained. I am worried about the situation. Senior officials are yelling at me. But I do not have that kind of mentality. My wife wanted a clip. To overcome his objection, the driver asked the driver to park the car in front of the market. Then go to the market. In the meantime, such an unfortunate incident happened. & # 39;

The victim's female officer said: "After informing my wife about the incident, I informed the OC of the police station involved, but I will not file a single written complaint, because I also work with the police. get into trouble. & # 39;

Boalia Police Office OC Aman Ullah said, after hearing the incident of the victim's husband, he told the chief officer about the matter.

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