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Narsingdi Belabab in the clash between the two groups of villagers Kamal Hossain (30) was killed in a person by the name. This incident took place on Sunday in the Sarraabid Nayakandi area of ​​the upazila. At least 20 people were injured. In addition, at least 10 houses were fired and destroyed from both sides. The deceased was identified as Kamal, son of Majnu Miah of Saheb Bhabari from the Nayakandi area.

Talk with the police and the local people, Selim Mia, a CNG driver from Kaya Ghar from the village of Nayakandi, was hit by the CNG auto rickshaw Saturday night and on the way back to his house he was struck by the house of Mustafa Mia in the house of Naion Bepari in the same village. If there is a tension between Salim and Mustafa, those present will meet the tension. Although the matter became known locally, CNG driver Selim Mia and his family members attacked Mustafa's house on Sunday afternoon, without taking it easy. The people of Mustafa's house were mad at this.

After the incident, people in Mustafa Mia's home attacked Selma Miah's house and Kayani's home attacked the house and set fire to ten houses. During this time there was a chase and collision between the two sides. At the moment both parties threw stones at each other. At least 20 people were injured. At the moment, a man named Kamal Hossain was seriously injured when the people in the house settled to settle. Kamal died in the evening on his way to the Jahirul Islam Medical College Hospital at Bajitpur in Kishoreganj.

When the tension spread over Kamal's death, the police arrived and brought the situation under control. The wounded are treated in various private government hospitals in Belab and Bhairab.

Officer-in-charge of the Belab Jabed Mahmud police station said: "Extra police have been deployed on the spot to control the situation." The dead body of Kamal was sent to the mortuary at the Narsingdi Sadar hospital for autopsy.

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